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Notice to Code Enforcement Officer of Palm Coast

Notice to City Councilmen of Palm Coast

Notice to Palm Coast City Mayor Mellissa Holland

We request the Town of Palm Coast to investigate and resolve issues associated with code enforcement ordinance violations regarding Paradise Landscaper 42 Sleepy Hollow Trail. They are slated to be a nursery but are running a landscaping business and using it as a storage site. They are using our street to deliver and store their bags of commercial mulch, trees etc. not used on their property but for delivery and sale. This is in violation of the intended use of the land.

Palm Coast has not gotten access to the property it was zoned agricultural and was  to be used as a nursery but there have only been materials brought in and out and nothing planted that we can see.

They should not be coming through our streets in Seminole Woods. This is a neighborhood where there are young children and animals and a park the trucks must pass. There should not be a business with commercial trucks and traffic on our residential streets using a Palm Coast address to access their business.

We have spoken to Code Enforcement, Barbara Grossman said  she will be setting up a meeting with "all the Players" Code Enforcement, Zoning, Water Management, the Sheriff's Department, Jimmy McGovern (owner of Paradise Landscaping) and anyone in the neighborhood who would like to be heard regarding this situation regarding what is going on with the property at 42 Sleepy Hollow..

We have contacted an environmental group that will be coming to check on the many violations on the property itself such as dumping dead trees and garbage into the lake filling it up and compromising the drainage on the street.

Please sign this petition so that we may keep it as it was intended for residential use.

Please sign this petition and put it in my mailbox

Please add your email address and phone numbers so we can send you updates and let you know when the meeting occurs. We also have a petition on line you can sign.

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Carole Allen 49 Sleepy Hollow Trail

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