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EWG recently released a Tap Water Database telling you what contaminants are in your water and the number of cancer-causing chemicals in your water. 
Enter your zip code and you will see all the chemicals and contaminants in your local water state by state. 

Here are some questions to ask:  

1. Have you checked with EWG’s (Environmental Working Group) database listing contaminants in your area? http://www.ewg.org/tapwater

2. Was your house built before 1978? they used lead pipes up to that time and there is no safe level for lead in drinking water. 

3. Does your water have an unpleasant taste or odor?

4. Do you have chlorine in your water? Most public water departments add chlorine to their water which creates a by-product called Trihalomethanes (THMs).  

5. Does your water pick up contaminants in the pipes on the way to your house from the water treatment plant? The pipe lines may pick up assorted assorted hormones, pesticides and even prescription drugs. 

6. Do you use bottled water? Bottled water is unregulated expensive and causes havoc with the environment.
Filtering you water with a carbon block filtration system is the best option, removing contaminants while improving its taste. Besides being 40 yrs. old and the most trusted water filtration company Multipure Drinking Water Systems are NSF certified to remove more contaminants than any other water filtration company.

Contaminants Multipure is NSF Certified to reduce of health concern.

Drink plenty of the the clean pure water Multipure provides.
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