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Multipure Faucet Option

Chrome-Plated Designer Faucet

All Multipure below the sink units come with a chrome, lead-free faucet that has a clean, modular design. It allows you to adjust the flow control right at your kitchen sink.

Standard chrome Designer Faucet (comes with below sink purchase)
($43.75 Value)

Multipure Designer Faucets - $15 With Purchase


Multipure's Designer Faucet also is available in decorator colors or finishes.

Faucet Colors 
Black (MC650BL) 
Bronze (MC650BR)
Polished Brass (MC650PB)
Brushed Nickel (MC650BN)
Brushed Stainless Steel (MC650BS)
Almond (MC650A)
White (MC650W)
Oil-rubbed Bronze (MC650OB)
The above prices are the upgrade charge when the decorator-color faucet is shipped with your drinking water system.
*$60.00 if purchased separately*

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