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Multipure 880 Series Aquaperform Certified By NSF to Reduce Arsenic Superior             Quality- Lifetime Warranty on Housing 90 Day Satisfaction Guarantee


The Multipure Aquaperform not only reduces the wide range of contaminants screened by standard Multipure filters, but also reduces the presence of Arsenic in the Multipure drinking water. It is a high performance filter unit in a durable, stainless-steel casing. Superior quality and lifetime warranty on housing. 

Below-The-Sink  With In-Line Connector
This model is designed to be connected inline
with other existing hardware

Below-The-Sink  With Faucet
This model includes a standalone chrome faucet
and a below sink installation kit.

This model connects to your existing faucet with a dual-hose diverter valve.


Aquaperform Replacement Filter
This solid carbon block filter is used with the Aquaperform filter unit. In addition to reducing/eliminating the wide range of contaminants screened by standard Multipure filters, this filter also reduces the presence of Arsenic.

Filter Capacity: 600 gallons (960 gallons with capacity monitor kit)

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