I.D. # 424948
Carole Allen
386 437 7019
Multipure Water Filtration Systems
            Multipure Independent Distributor 

           Carole Allen
           386 437 7019

Installment Payment Orders

Multipure's Installment Payment Program (0% interest program) is for customers who want to spread the cost of their drinking water system over several months. This program is particularly attractive to customers who have been buying bottled water.  A minimum down payment is required. Please contact me for more information.

Down Payment Options

Replacement Filters Purchased with Unit

Replacement filters can be sold on the Installment Payment Order Form; however, the total cost of the filter (plus tax and shipping and handling) must be added to the down payment, i.e. the filter purchase cannot be financed.

You may fill out the order form click here and mail it in to 

Multipure Drinking Water Systems
7251 Cathedral Rock Drive,
Las Vegas, NV 89128 

Please fill in sold by Carole Allen I.D.# 424948

Note: Installment orders may not be placed online. However, you can print out the form to fill out and submit to Multipure by either by fax, mail, or email.
Make a Payment on your Time Payment order

Multipure Drinking Water Systems


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