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Multipure Water Filters Offer Effective Solutions for Reducing Dangerous Levels of Chromium VI in Drinking Water

Posted by crystalcleandrinkingwater on January 10, 2017 at 7:20 PM

Copyright: likephotoman / 123RF Stock Photop>News report of contaminant's widespread presence raises public drinking water concerns. MultiPure has solutions to health concerns in drinking water. President Obama's Cancer Research Panel encourages Americans to protect themselves from water-borne carcinogens by simply using an effective water filter.
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Chromium (or chromium-6) is a highly toxic form of the naturally occurring metal chromium. It is a well-known human carcinogen when inhaled, and recent evidence indicates it can cause stomach or gastrointestinal cancer when ingested in drinking water. A different form of this metal, trivalent chromium, is an essential nutrient.

How does it get into tap water?

Hexavalent chromium can enter water through industrial contamination from manufacturing facilities, including electroplating factories, leather tanneries and textile manufacturing facilities, or from disposal of fluids used in cooling towers before 1990. It also occurs naturally in some minerals. The commonly used tap water disinfectant chlorine can transform trivalent chromium into toxic hexavalent chromium.


Multpure’s model MP750 AquaRO is certified by NSF International to reduce levels of hexavalent  chromium

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