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Treat Life on this Planet with Respect

Posted by crystalcleandrinkingwater on March 11, 2012 at 9:35 AM

It is important that we treat every living thing on our planet as the gift it is and with respect. ,
It is a fact that we need to take resources from the earth. We eat our animals, that's fine but let us do it in
a caring, honest and respectful way. Experts say animal testing is not working.

  How we treat the earth is a reflection of how we treat each other ...Matthew Rutkowski's photoMatthew Rutkowski

"The earth is in our hands .There is a huge parallel between the  ways we treat the natural
resources of this planet and how we in turn treat each other. We take this planet for granted and we take
each other for granted. We don’t take responsibility for our actions globally or personally. The things that go
wrong we always try to pass the buck to someone else."

The earth is our home and the inhabitants of the planet are our neighbors. We need respect for both.

Anything that happens on this planet is for a good reason even though it might appear to be slightly negative.  In the
big picture there is an advancement of energy created both physically and and in a psychic sense.  We have to look at
things a little differently then just looking at the current moment and what's obvious.. We need to look at it things with a
universal perspective, and look at the planet as a living conscious entity instead of just the vantage point of our
individual conscious self and our immediate needs. I believe that individually we are unable to see the big picture and as a
result we do not work together honestly as one.

We all love our families and need to extend that love and caring to all.  We are all concerned with the planet and for good reasons.
 Yes, all want economic well being for our fellow inhabitants here, yes we have made mistakes but we can expand and grow and
learn from our errors. There is nothing to be gained in having a continual argument of blame and judgement about our mistakes.

First, we must start from with forgiveness and try and work together to solve our problems. We have learned from history that strife
and revenge leads to more strife and revenge. There are those on this planet who do not use their universal consciousness
so we must take the lead and help guide them into positive decision making.

We have economic challenges to resolve and we can start by acting more responsibly in our homes by using eco-friendly products.
There are many paths we can take and hopefully we  have strength in numbers as we enter into the new Age of Aquarius.

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