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Planet Earth, Multipure, Carbon & Fire Part 1

Posted by crystalcleandrinkingwater on January 12, 2012 at 4:20 AM

How the Earth Changed History Season 1, 
Ep. 4 "The Gift of Fire"

In this epsiode the relationship between man and the evolution of the planet and fire is explored with fire is explored. It begins by embarking on an extraordinary encounter with this terrifying force of nature - a walk right through the heart of a raging fire. 

Fire has long been our main source of energy and we show how this meant that the planet played a crucial role in the forming of the earth . For 90% of earth's history there was no fire our earth was a barron planet. Not until 400 mil. years ago did we have enough vegetation to burn providing fuel for fire. Before that there was not enough oxygen in the atmosphere for flames to bond. The carbon dioxide produced by photosynthesis converted into energy and in the process released enough oxygen needed in the atmosphere for fire to burn (13%). Fires are started by the 30,000 bolts of lightning that hit the ground every hour. Fires raged and were stopped only when they ran out of fuel or when the rains came.

About one and a half million years ago early man learned how to control fire and probably started it by keeping a burning stick nurished by fanning the flames. Our control over fired changed our history and the planets. Fire gave us warmth, light and the ability to eat a wider variety of foods. Fire was so essential to our civilization that it was worshiped by early civilizations In the middle east one of the oldest religions in the world, zoroastrianism  was built around the worship of fire.  

About 6,000 years ago carbon appeared. Carbon, in its purest form is a diamond. Diamonds are made under extreme temperatures and pressure deep in the earth. Another form of carbon, the key ingredient in fire, is charcoal allowing fire to burn at 2,000% farenheit hot enouth to melt metal out of rock. The invention of metal smelting culminating in the use of iron created a critical turning point in human history beginning the age of metals.   Our mastry of metals gave us tools, money and weapons. By the middle ages the production of charcoal for iron smelting was a major industry.

We began cutting so many trees down to use for fire we began to run out of wood. In pre-historc times Britain was almost completely covered in forest. By the end of the 16th century 90% of the woodland was gone beginning the creation of the world's first energy crisis. Carbon rich trees in drowned forests were so prolific it was called the Age of Carbon. The drowned trees are turned into coal which gave us access to a new source of carbon from the earth's past. Britain had an abundance of coal that could be easily collected from the surface. From the beginning of the 17th century coal began to replace wood in homes and workshops unleashing the industrial revolution.

We use fire every day as it generates our electricity and drives our machines., and Britain's industrial revolution. Whilst holding China's development back it also played a role in creating the mud turned carbon that made Azarbaijan's  and former Soviet republic of Azerbaijan, north of Aras.exceeding wealth as it did Shell Oil and owners of The Nobel Peace Prize (Today, Azerbaijan or Azarbaijan is defined as north-west provinces of Iran, south of Aras River,)

  Carbon filtration may have been used in ancient Egyptian cultures for both air and water sanitization.[ 2000 B.C. Sanskrit text refers to filtering water through charcoal (1905 translation of "Sushruta Samhita" by Francis Evelyn Place).The first modern use of a carbon filter to purify potable water occurred in 1862.

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The Age of Carbon
Planet Earth, Carbon
Carbon filtration was further advanced in the mid-1970s by H. Allen Rice and Alvin E. Rice when they first manufactured a porous carbon block for drinking water use.

Multipure Corporation, the leading innovator in water filter technology is getting a make-over. Multipure started its family operation in 1970 and since then has been always been ahead of the competition in terms of products that out perform other drinking water filtration devices available on the market. The Rice brothers, Alvin & H. Allen have literally changed the way we filter our water.

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