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                                                    Multipure AquaVersa~MP750SB

The Multipure Aquaversa is a durable, stainless-steel water filter with the versatility to work below the sink. It provides all the taste and health benefits of Multipure filtered water, in a sturdy, easy-to-install package.
MP750 - Below the Sink

The below the sink unit may be connected to an icemaker using an icemaker tee, . Filter life/capacity is approximately 750 gallons.


PRODUCT: MP750SB -- - $429.95



We use a solid carbon block filter that is considered to be the most effective method for reducing a wide range of contaminants of health concern, which may be present in the water.  The carbon is compacted into a dense structure, causing every molecule of water to be forced through microscopic pores of carbon, effectively reducing pollutants.  The Solid Carbon Block Filter is a replaceable cartridge designed so that it can be easily changed.  Some additional advantages of the Solid Carbon Block Filter are that it does not waste water, there is no electricity required, it does not remove essential trace minerals that are beneficial to good health, it does not add salt or silver to the water; and it provides fresh, delicious, healthy drinking water.


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